• potato skins £3.95

    served with any dip

  • pate £4.95

    homemade chicken liver pate served with flat-bread slices

  • prawn cocktail £4.50

    norwegian prawns served with cocktail sauce and salad

  • mushrooms £4.95

    pan-fried in a cream & garlic sauce, or tomato & chilli sauce, or just garlic

  • bruschetta £4.95

    salad tomato seasoned with garlic and basil served on flat-bread

  • homemade tomato soup £4.95

    Fresh tomatoes, parmesan shavings and olive oil.

  • calamari fritti £4.95

    deep fried squid

  • mussels £5.50

    choice of tomato & garlic, or garlic & white wine, or tomato, chilli and garlic

  • homemade italian meatballs £5.50

    served with Napoli sauce

  • black pudding £4.50

    with fried onions & mushrooms or with a choice of sauce

  • prawns £5.25

    prawns in a garlic & white wine sauce or tomato & chilli

  • antipasto to share £13.50

    pate, bruschetta, warm mozzarella with parma ham, calamari, garlic mushrooms, and olives


  • Pollo Romana £9.20

    Chicken breast in a tomato and roast pepper sauce with chilli and garlic.

  • Pollo Pepe £9.20

    Chicken breast in a creamy peppercorn sauce.

  • Pollo Gorgonzola £9.20

    Chicken breast in a blue cheese sauce.

  • Pollo Valdostana £9.55

    Chicken breast breadcrumbed, deep fried and topped with napoli and mozzarella.

  • Pollo Kiev £9.55

    Rounded chicken breast with a breadcrumbed coating and a garlic butter filling.

  • Seabass £12.95

    Fillet of seabass served on a bed of mixed leaf salad.

  • Seabass with Prawns & Mussels £13.95

    Pan fried in a tomato sauce with mussels and tiger prawns.

  • Gamberoni £13.80

    King prawns in a white wine and garlic sauce, or tomato, garlic and chilli sauce, or gorgonzola sauce.

  • Duetto £13.95

    Fillet of salmon in a lemon, white wine & garlic sauce with tiger prawns.


  • Garlic Bread Plain £3.55

    (gluten free option available for £6.00).

  • Garlic Bread Tomato £3.85

    (gluten free option available for £6.20).

  • Garlic Bread Mozzarella £4.80

    (gluten free option available for £6.50).

  • Garlic Margherita £5.75
  • Margherita £5.75
  • Parma £8.95

    Parma ham, rocket and parmesan shavings.

  • Capricciosa £5.75

    Ham and mushrooms.

  • Carne £8.20

    Bolognese, salami, chicken, and ham.

  • Diavola £5.75

    Spicy salami.

  • Kiev £7.95

    Chicken and garlic.

  • Ortolana £5.95

    Mixed vegetables.

  • Contadina £7.90

    Italian sausage with friarielli Napolitani.

  • Gluten Free Pizza £9.25

    Any pizza toppings on a 12 inch gluten free base.


  • Spaghetti Bolognese £5.75

    Marcellos style bolognese.

  • Lasagne £5.75

    Oven baked and topped with mozzarella (gluten free option available).

  • Tagliatelle Carbonara £6.20

    Cream, bacon and parmesan.

  • Penne Arrabiata £5.75

    Tomato, chilli and bacon.

  • Cannelloni £6.45

    Oven baked with ricotta cheese, spinach and topped with mozzarella and tomato.

  • Spaghetti Monte Cassino £6.95

    Bacon, garlic, mushrooms, chilli and parsley cooked in olive oil.

  • Tortellini di Carne Alla Crema £6.95

    Cream, mushrooms and parmesan.

  • Parpardelle Contadina £6.95

    Italian sausage with friarielli napolitani (turnip tops) and cherry tomatoes.

  • Linguine Pescatora £7.90

    A medley of shell fish in tomato.

  • Linguine Crab £7.95

    Crab meat, tiger prawns, chilli and garlic.

  • Risotto Primavera £6.95

    Peas, asparagus, onion, peppers, chicken and cream.

  • Risotto Funghi £5.75

    Risotto in a creamy mushroom and parmesan sauce.

  • Gnochi Alla Sorrentino £6.90

    Tomato, basil and mozzarella.

  • Tagliatelle Amatriciana £5.75

    Bacon and onions in a tomato sauce.

  • Gluten Free Pasta £7.45

    Gluten free pasta is available please ask for more info.

  • Veggie/Vegan Pasta £5.75

    Create your own veg pasta (egg free pasta available ask for more info).


  • Chunky Homemade Chips £2.95
  • Seasonal Veg £2.95
  • Mixed Leaf Salad £2.95
  • Rocket Salad £3.20
  • Mixed Olives £2.95


  • Kids Meal Deal £4.50

    Kids Meal & a Small Drink

  • Kids Meals

    • Pizza Margherita
    • Pizza Ham & Mushroom
    • Bolognese Pasta
    • Creamy Pasta
    • Tomato Pasta
    • Chicken Nuggets & Chips

  • Kids Drinks

    • Pepsi
    • Lemonade
    • Still Juices

  • ADD Kids Ice Cream +£1.50


Set Meal Options

Garlic Bread Plain

Garlic Bread Tomato

garlic bread mozzarella

margherita –   tomato and mozzarella

ortolana –   mixed vegetables

prociutto e funghi –   ham and mushroom

kiev –   tomato and mozzarella with chicken and garlic

diavola –   tomato and mozzarella with spicy salami

carbonara –   creamy sauce with bacon and black pepper

napoli –   traditional homemade tomato sauce

arrabiata –   tomato, chilli and garlic

bolognese –   traditional italian style

mamma mia –  chicken, garlic, chilli, tomato and cream

lasagne –  oven baked with mozzarella

chips –   homemade chunky chips

onion rings

potato skins –   served with any dip

mixed salad –   plain, or cherry tomatoes and onions, or tuna and olives

mozzarella bites –   plain or spicy

garlic mayo

sweet chilli

BBQ sauce

Tomato Salsa

pot of parmesan